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Chasing Life Episode Four-The Family That Lies TogetherChasing Life
Episode Four-The Family That Lies Together

April is outside of a psychic shop enjoying her date with Domenic. They are playfully flipping a coin to determine whether or not they both brave a visit inside. As fate would have it, the two head inside. Before heading inside, Domenic jokingly asks April if she is afraid of dying and April quietly says to herself that she is. Domenic holds her hand to guide her inside.

Upon arriving inside, April and Domenic are greeted by the psychic who says that they look like models. The psychic starts by reading Domenic’s hand saying that he is smart, resourceful and handsome and has Mommy issues that he needs to confront with his brothers. Domenic tells her he has no brother and denies having issues with his Mother.

When the psychic finally reads April’s hand, she immediately picks up on April’s tired energy. She blatantly tells April that her future is looking “real messed up.” The psychic advises April to dig into her past and talk to her sisters if she wants a healthy future and tells her it’s crucial. April denies this to the psychic as well.

After their eventful visit, the two flirtatiously mock what the Psychic had to say about both of them however both April and Domenic appeared uneasy.

Things pick up in the following scene when April has a flashback of her Father at breakfast time when he was alive and well. April was seated across from him and they were all talking about the internship and apartment plans that April was currently stressing over. As soon as her father was about to rely some great advice, April wakes up to find out that she had fallen asleep at the kitchen table. April’s mom wakes her up saying that she fainted. Her mom explains that April has been pushing herself too hard and tells her it wouldn’t kill her to miss a day. April attempts to make light of the situation by telling her mom she would just move through her day slowly.

After April arrives back in her bedroom, Brenna walks in and talks to April. April asks Brenna to check on her bone marrow wound to see how fast she is healing. April asks Brenna if she was feeling alright and Brenna said she was a little freaked out because for a moment she thought April was dead. April tells Brenna that she will be fine and she has nothing to worry about.

Meanwhile back in the kitchen, Sara (April’s mother) told her mother that April fainted and mentioned that she has taken notice of April’s strange behavior. Sara mentions that April has noticeably lost weight, has been more moody that usual, talks more about being drowsy and quickly hid something from her the other day.

Sara’s mother tells her that it is her right as a mother to snoop April’s room because it is normal and healthy to snoop in cases of concern. Sara’s mother admits to doing that when Sara was younger and jokingly comments on the sick bong she found in Sara’s room and admits that she was the cause of its disappearance.

Meanwhile, at the coffee shop, April and Beth are joking about April’s encounter with the Psychic. April mentions that the psychic told her to confront her sister but then admits that the psychic said sisters. April asks her best friend if she thinks the psychic was referring to Natalie Ortiz (the woman she found a few episodes earlier at her father’s gravestone). Beth says that Natalie was clearly the sister the psychic was referring to and asks April why she is so afraid of getting to know this girl. April says it isn’t her half sister she is afraid of learning more about.

Back at home, Sara is snooping through April’s drawers. Everything was normal for the most part: A copy of Fifty Shades of Grey, a bunch of underwear and of course the secret stash of pills hiding under her bed. Sara displayed a face of worry.

Meanwhile, April is at work and without hesitation asks obnoxious co-worker Danny for the car rental information on Natalie Ortiz. Danny agrees to give her the information if April agrees to add his name on one of her pieces to receive partial credit. Danny recites the information at the drop of a hat and April tells Danny how impressed she is and thanks him for his help. Danny agrees to help April more if she agrees to tell Raquel that they hooked up and he was amazing. April says she is perfectly content with the information that was just given.

April meets Domenic on the pier on her way to uncover car rental information by the bridge. Domenic tells April that he has had a second thought about their run in with the psychic and says that the two should be honest with each other. April asks Domenic if he is okay and Domenic tells her that his mother is in prison. April jokes about her grandmother being a stripper but when she realizes Domenic is being serious, she apologizes for her reaction. April asks Domenic how his mother ended up in Prison. Domenic tells April that his mother was a bookkeeper who helped her boss embezzle money and has been sentenced to a year. April apologizes and jokingly remarks about their emotional baggage.

While April and Domenic are having their moment at the pier, Brenna is at school with friend Ford whose daily joy consists of making fun of girls who wear “top knots” and talking about how obnoxious all the preppy girls are. Brenna nods but seems distant. Ford asks Brenna what her deal is because she can tell Brenna hasn’t been feeling like herself. Brenna admits she is feeling down. After talking with Ford, the girls bump into Brenna’s old Social Studies partner who she beat in a game of tennis in the previous episode. Brenna practically ignores her and tells her best friend how she was able to con the girl into doing all of their social studies projects for a year. Ford congratulated Brenna and Brenna starts to feel better.

April and Domenic finally get to the car rental place. While they are online, Domenic tells April that he feels like a spy. April says that a real spy wouldn’t waste time saying that and would immediately get into character. When it is finally their time to approach the car rental desk, April approaches the car rental woman saying that she is Natalie and stating that she lost her purse with all her information including the car rental papers. The woman says that it would take approximately 5-7 business days. April concocts another idea and immediately pretends to be having pregnancy pains. The car rental clerk hands April the papers sympathetically and Domenic tells April that her lying skills scare him. After receiving the papers, April officially confirms the fact that Natalie is indeed her half sister. Her father did cheat on her mother during their second year of marriage and April discovered that Natalie lives in the city where her father used to attend his annual writing conferences.

April and Domenic show up to the warehouse where her father kept all his things after he died in search for proof of anything that could link back to Natalie and their Dad. April finally stumbles across her father’s final research book that he kept as a reference for his final book. Inside of it were pictures of April during her high school years and a picture of Natalie with her dad and their Uncle George. April is in shock that Uncle George knew about Natalie and didn’t tell her.

After leaving the warehouse, April tells Domenic that she can’t believe her father pretended to be this great dad. Domenic tells April just because people keep secrets doesn’t mean that they aren’t the same great person you’ve come to know. Sometimes those people are still great they just have yet to successfully gain a handle on what they’re dealing with personally. Immediately after Domenic’s remark, April receives a text from Danny showing his silly concern face with April’s mom in the background. April becomes concerned as to the reason why her mother was waiting for her by her office.

Meanwhile at the tattoo parlor, Kieran finishes giving a girl a tattoo when he walks over to Brenna and jokingly asks Brenna her reasoning behind looking at a tattoo book. Brenna tells Kieran that she has been feeling pretty awful about things going on at home. Kieran asks what is wrong and Brenna finally tells Kieran about April’s cancer. Kieran says that April is so young and the cause has to be something in technology or in the air. Brenna is offended by Kieran’s comment because she doesn’t want a diagnosis of the cause she just wants someone to talk to about how sad she feels. Kieran apologizes.

Thankfully, Beth walks in and tells the two that she is completely into the parlor’s vibe. Beth tells Brenna that she wants to talk to her about that “thing” going on with her sister but Brenna tells Beth she isn’t much for talking and tells Beth that Kieran knows about her sister’s cancer. Beth offers both of them an opportunity to take their mind off of things by inviting them to an outdoor screening of Pretty in Pink. Although Brenna has never heard of it, Kieran knows about the film because of his mother and the pair agrees to go.  

April meets Sara outside of her job and Sara tells April that she really needs to talk to her. Sara says that she is always there for April and loves her no matter what and would do anything to be there for her.

April tells her mom that this kind of talk is concerning her. Sara tells April that she found the pills she was hiding under her bed after picking up her room and questions April about drug addiction. April says that Sara doesn’t understand what is going on with her. That everyone around her expects her to take care of everything and be a certain way and says that they are just supplements to keep her going. April stresses that her mother need not worry.

After leaving work, Brenna and Kieran head to the moving outing. Brenna and Kieran exchange pre-movie flirtation and share their blanket. Beth meets up with the two and brings them snacks, joking around about the flirtation going on between the two. While the group is chatting away, Brenna spots her former Social Studies partner and insists that she sit with them in spite of her initial plan to sit with her friend. All dressed in pink, she sits next to Brenna and asks her if she is sure that she can sit with them because she wouldn’t want Brenna’s friends to see. Brenna agrees to it because she knows that her friends wouldn’t dare step in to watch.

April makes her way over to her Uncle George’s office. George tells April that her biopsy results haven’t come back yet. April says she knows that already and wanted to ask about Natalie Ortiz. George hesitates in answering but then April pulls out the photo of her dad with Natalie and George and there is no denying it. George confirms that Natalie is in fact her sister. April says that her Dad cheated and she is really upset about this. Her Uncle says that it wasn’t an ongoing infidelity and April asks if her father was in love with this other woman. Her Uncle just says that the two met while working in Santa Monico and says that he was lying to protect the girls. April states that her father wasn’t lying to protect the girls, he was just interested in protecting himself. George states that he wasn’t okay with her father keeping his secret the same way he isn’t okay with April holding off on telling the rest of the family she has cancer. April says her dad was too late in telling the girls of his secret and she walks away, takes a moment to herself, breaks down and cries.

When Pretty in Pink finally finishes, Brenna admits to her classmate that she actually enjoyed the film. Kieran invites Brenna to spend time with him after but Beth states that her and Brenna need some girl time so Kieran leaves. Brenna’s classmate tells her that she had a great time and would appreciate a ‘Hello’ from her at school. Brenna realizes that ignoring her friend was rude.

Back at the hospital ward, George receives a surprise visit from Sara. George asks Sara what she is doing in his office. Sara says that she followed April and wants to talk about what is going on with April. Sara shows George the bag of pills she found in April’s room and asks him what they are being used for. Sara then remarks that she sees a “funny coincidence” in her daughter’s life falling apart at the same time she started seeing him. George says that April has been coming to him for advice, he has said all he could and also says that if Sara wants to know what is really going on with her daughter that she should ask her. Sara says that as much as she has tried, April just won’t say anything. Sara tells George that she has a right to know what is going on with her daughter. George feels conflicted.

 {sidebar id=8}Beth and Brenna talk girl talk after the film. Beth tells Brenna that it must be nice having everyone like her even though she is an “outsider” and mentions that Brenna’s classmate was really interested in her. Brenna says she wouldn’t date her. Beth asks if it has to do with her heterosexuality or if it has to do with the fact that she is in a relationship with Kieran. Brenna says that things aren’t official with Kieran and Brenna doesn’t define herself in terms of sexuality. Beth says that Brenna should consider hanging out with her classmate more often because she’s funny and kind and seeing her current situation at home being hard, a friend like that would be good for her. Beth also asks Brenna how she is dealing with things and she says that Brenna seems to be handling it pretty well. Brenna opens up and admits that she feels like a really bad sister because when she first noticed April not feeling like herself, she finally felt like for a minute she finally had problems and when she found out what was really going on with her, she felt like the worst person in the world. Beth said that Brenna shouldn’t be so hard on herself and the two joked around about how anal April is with her need for organization.

After their outing, Beth walks Brenna home to find April’s mom freaking out. Brenna asks her mom if everything was okay. Her mom said that everything was fine she just needed Brenna for some family matters. Sara told Beth to visit April another time.

April finally gets off her train, fatigued and arrives home to find her whole family in a circle in the living room, her Uncle George included. April’s mom states that she has called a family meeting and is calling an intervention with April’s drug use. Sara goes on to saying that she would love her daughter no matter what. April says that she is not battling with addiction. Uncle George tells April that either she tells them the news or he does. April finally admits with her back turned that she has Leukemia. Then confirms it facing forward.

Sara starts crying and asking if she is sure and April holds her mother while the two cry on each other. Sara says that this is a nightmare and April says that she is probably going to be fine and she is just waiting on the results from the bone marrow biopsy. She didn’t want to stress anyone out before knowing exactly what her health was like. Uncle George receives an important phone call and Brenna sends her classmate a text about needing hang out. Her classmate complies.

After George gets off the phone, he tells the family that he has received the official prognosis and April has Acute Myloid Leukemia which has a 75% remission rate. While April tries to get a question in, her mother is too busy asking questions and freaking out in hopes of finding an immediate solution that April walks away because she does not want to deal with it. Grandma comes in a escorts April to the kitchen for some tea.  

While the water boils, April’s Grandma says that she is going to be okay and bets her life savings on it. April’s Grandmother admits that she although she has a bit of a gambling problem, there is no way she is letting April die before she does and that is a bet she is willing to make. April starts crying on her grandmother.
Brenna starts crying because she can’t handle everything that is going on and she leaves the house.

Sara and George have a moment alone and Sara admits that she feels shaken because she believes she had the right to know as her mother. George states that seeing that April is an adult, her healthcare is confidential and his patient’s needs come first. Sara says that she would have been perfectly content with that statement if it weren’t for the fact that they were family. George says that he was doing his part as her family by taking care of her and making her feel safe because April is all he can think about. Sara says aloud that she was right for forbidding George to attend his brother’s funeral. George says that if they want to have an honest, open relationship that she has to move on and the reason that April chose George as her physician is because she trusts him and how upset he is at the fact that Sara allowed the girls to believe that he stopped caring about them after the funeral.

April leaves her house and goes to Domenic’s apartment door crying. Domenic asks if after confronting her Uncle her hunch about her sister was true and April says yes. April cries harder and says she spent her whole life thinking she knew my father as the great man who told stupid jokes and burnt scrambled eggs and wrote really great books. April is clearly falling apart.  

Brenna is sitting on a park bench with her school friend and apologizes to her for making her walk so far into the park. Her friend said that it was no problem, and admits that she is surprised to hear from Brenna. Brenna tells her friend that a lot of stuff is going down at her house and she just wanted to be around someone that would make her feel better. Brenna admits that her sister being really sick and cries on her friend who in the meanwhile is holding and consoles her.

Back at home, Sara is sitting in a daze in the kitchen and Grandma pops in and gives her some chocolate that Sara turns down. Sara says that everyone seems fine with April’s denial of her sickness. Grandma says that no one is okay with it but pushing April too hard isn’t the right thing to do either. Sara admits she is scared out of her mind. Grandma says that the family won’t lose April. Sara asks her how she knows and Grandma says she doesn’t but they have to believe. Grandma states there is no alternative.  

After making love to Domenic, April lies awake in Domenic’s bed. He asks April if she is okay and April tells Domenic of the dream she had earlier that morning however leaves out the part about passing out at the kitchen table. Her father’s words finally ring true: “Just remember what I always say: Life is always gonna throw you curve balls, you can’t control that, all you can do is keep swinging. Trust me, I’ve had plenty. Always haven’t thrown them the right way, but I always try. “

April tells Domenic it was as if he was trying to tell me something and asks Domenic if he thinks that is possible. Dominic falls fast asleep.  With whatever little energy April had left after her long, emotionally draining day, she looked through her Dad’s book with bittersweet determination.

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