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The Fosters Recap “Say Something”  7-7-14The Fosters
Recap “Say Something”  7-7-14

The Fosters’ are having a garage sale. The garage is going to be utilized as a hang out space; of course that means that find so many memories. The gender of the baby comes up Lena is having a girl.

Callie is talking with Jude about meeting her half-sister. Jude seems really supportive. They conversation moves to the idea that Jude is her half-brother Callie vehemently disagrees. Jude gives his consent to Callie to meet Sofia her half-sister.

Connor tries to apologize to Jude about sneaking out and his father coming over. Lena is still trying to take the principal position. Meanwhile they sperm donor Timothy has hired a lawyer to deal with the baby drama.

Mariana’s dance team let one of their dancers go for breaking the code at Mariana’s party. So they are going to hold auditions to fill the spot. Meanwhile Jesus’ hook up Haliey grills Marianna about Jesus, “Has he said anything?” “We hooked up and he still hasn’t called.” Marianna looks concerned and irritated. When she meets Jesus at home she gets angry at him. Marianna tells Jesus he better call her because Hailey really likes him and she doesn’t want to him to mow through all of her friends.

At the beach Callie and Wyatt are getting hot and heavy on the beach but Callie stops him from advancing to sex making a joke that it is against her probation. Wyatt tells her that he will wait forever because he loves her. Callie smiles and starts to kiss him again.

Brandon and Lou are practicing for the band and Lou questions Brandon about Callie. Lou wants to use the song that Brandon wrote for Callie. Brandon refuses but Lou insists.

Lena and Stef are talking Baby and Lena brings up her interview for the principal position that she has to sit in front of Timothy for and that he is involving lawyers in regards to the baby too. Stef is annoyed that Callie’s father hasn’t signed the abandonment papers and that Callie is going to meet Sofia. They both agree they have a lot on their plates. Lena’s interview is going well. She has set up a great portfolio. Timothy continues to poke holes in her interview. Timothy asks about her pregnancy and how long will she be on maternity leave.  Lena responds sarcastically that she doubts they asked the male applicants that question. After the interview Lena confronts Timothy about the timing of the lawyers. Lena rips him a new one saying she can’t take him on his word and that he doesn’t have integrity.

 {sidebar id=8}The dance teams are holding tryouts and Marianna doesn’t know who to vote for the best dancer or the other girls friends. It turns out the team really does want the best dancer. Lena asks how tryouts went Marianna asks whether clubs are required to add brown people to each club. Lena says no diversity is great but it isn’t forces. Lena confides that she had an awesome interview.

Stef takes Callie to meet her sister Sofia. Callie is being grilled by Sofia and the parents are grilling Stef. Callie is asked by Sofia why she went to Juvie. Sofia takes Callie to see her room. Robert’s wife asks when will Caliie be adopted. Stef says when Robert signs the paperwork. Sophia is into horses and invites Callie to go riding sometime. Callie talks about playing guitar, and her boyfriend. Callie says she loves Wyatt (AWAWWAA!!) Sophia asks to hang out again soon.

Robert apologizes to Stef about stalking Callie to meet her and then tells his story about how he didn’t know she existed.  Robert talks about marrying Callie’s mom and how his family pressured him to get an annulment. Robert is really upset about the fact that he had a daughter and didn’t know and it has also really upset his wife. Robert tells Stef that he wants to set up a college fund for Callie if that is ok. Stef says she has to talk to Lena but that it is very generous.

Marianna and Hailey are hanging out. Marianna talks to Hailey about how she thinks that she got on the team because she was brown. Hailey confesses that they didn’t want to team to be cut as a program. Marianna is upset but she only makes the comments so Ia m an insurance policy I am the Gieco Gecko of the dance team.

Lena finds out that she did NOT get the principal position from Timothy and she is super upset about it. Timothy says that they really tried to fight for her but they wanted new blood. Timothy hands Lena an envelope. Lena goes home and Marianna asks about the dance team if it will be cut due to the budget and Lena tells Mariana that she didn’t get the principal position. The doorbell rings and  it’s Emma looking for Jesus Marianna says he isn’t there. (Really he is upstairs making out with Hailey) Emma asks if Marianna will tell him she stopped by. In the kitchen Lena is opening the envelope Timothy gave her. Stef comes home to an upset Lena and tries to comfort her.  Lena says they think she is tainted or that the pregnancy has something to do with it. They only good news is that Timothy signed the donor agreement. Lena asks how the Quinns were? Stef says I think that Mrs. Quinn is freaked  out and Robert wants to setup a college fund. Lena loves the idea! Stef asks would it be a bad idea if we let Timothy be a part of the new baby’s life?

Brandon asks Callie about meeting her sister? Whether they will see each other again. Brandon asks Callie if it is okay if the band plays her song. Callie says it’s up to him. She calls Wyatt to come over and she tells him “I love you too!” After some make out session she goes back inside. Lena and Stef ask when is the last time that you talk to Jude. Callie says this morning. Stef responds when was the last time he spoke to you. They go upstairs to talk to Jude but Jude will not respond.

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