Saturday April 29, 2017

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chasing lifeCHASING LIFE

We are back with a brand new season premiere of the ABC Family hit TV series Chasing Life. April breathes a sigh of relief when she realizes that Leo’s phone message was about deciding to take on the surgery rather than any other negative possibility. April is still torn up about her break up with Dom and Dom is pretty torn up too considering he just booked his plane ticket back to Europe in spite of the fact that he still obviously has feelings for her.

April and Leo talk in the hospital about the surgery and the break up and April realizes she is gonna need some time to get over Domenic. April’s grandparents come over for the holidays and the grandma competitions commence. Which grandma is better you say? Hard to say, both are so darn competitive and adorable yet slightly oblivious. Brenna has yet to share her bi-sexuality and girlfriend with her grandparents who keep make references to her being boy crazy…Could that get anymore awkward? Luckily, she is handling the situation with grace and a bit of humor.

April starts feeling down about losing her hair and being in the hospital on Christmas so she decides to let Beth G.I. Jane her hair and call it a happy day although April looks less like GI Jane and more like a 1920’s betty thanks to her amazing bestie. Speaking of amazing besties, just when Beth thought she was penniless and without a place to stay, she realizes that she may have just found her new roommate in a highly perky and clutsy hospital worker who is taking care of April.

Back at home, Sara and George have a private moment where he took the chance to share his feelings with Sara but Sara tells George she isn’t ready for this. George tells Sara that she can no longer see April because they both simultaneously realize that she is sick and both Sara and April are heartbroken. 

Although, that heartbreak turned into complete awkwardness and discomfort when their grandparents made assumptions about Brenna’s love life which turned into her confession about being bi, George beginning to open up about his feelings for Sara but in the end just spilling the beans about his brother’s affair which unfortunately, his parents knew about but hid from Sara. Christmas just got salty. 

Leo kidnaps April and tells her not to worry too much about her health or her monitor, it’s his maybe dying wish to act like kids for a little while and they go to the hospital ward toy room and play games and back at the Carver house, George and the family make amends. 

Beth officially gives April a sheek pixie cut and signs for her new apartment but then slowly realizes she regrets the decision. April leaves her hang out with Beth and in a very hasty way decides to have Leo shave her head but then hesitates. In an effort to make her feel better, Leo shaves his head with April. They each hug each other a bitter sweet farewell, have a moment of realization of how sick they each are & then April walks into her room to find her family with decorations and love which in the end, is what Christmas is all about. Grandpa brings up April being a warrior but April admits that his warrior talk puts pressure on her. Gramps apologizes and admits he just wants some sense of control over her sickness. April then admits that although she’s lost a lot she’s gaining everything she could ever want from her family and gets to see her mother from outside the window, on the phone across the street. And in a sudden turn of events, Leo flat lines during his surgery; which ends the teaser for season two of Chasing life. Stay tuned on January 19th for the Official season two premiere of Chasing Life on ABC Family. 

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