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Hello, and welcome to The Bachelor on ABC. Tonight, the final six girls will head to Juan Pablo's hometown of Miami. With the hometown dates only a week away, Juanny Pabs is going to have a lot of tough decisions ahead of him.

The Bachelor opens with Juan Pablo heading home to see his family and of course his daughter Camila. They have a happy reunion and jump in the pool.  He also tells his family about the girls he has met so far.

Meanwhile, the girls head to their ocean view hotel, where there are gifts waiting for them. It looks like bikinis, which is a bit odd because how did he know their sizes?

Later on that day, Juan Pablo gives Sharleen the date card with the clue 'let's SEA the city.' She doesn't seem too happy about it, which kind of offends the other girls. They wonder why she can't just be happy about it.

During the date, they cuddle and make out, but she feels as if they don't get each other.  Why she is making out then is beyond me.

The two of them go on the beach to have a picnic and talk. She says her job as an opera singer is her priority, but she isn't opposed to change because she's done it before. They go back into the ocean to make out some more. He thinks she is amazing.

However, at dinner, she is back to being confused. She goes to questioning how she feels to kissing him to wondering what she should do.

He asks her how she feels about him meeting her family and she isn't sure.  They talk some more and then she says it feels right. She is making my brain hurt with all this flip flopping.

Now she is torn again! ::headdesk::

Nikki gets the next date card. Her clue is listen to my heart beat. She doesn't seem happy. Chelsie wonders why she is so negative all the time.

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Andi, Chelsie and Renee have the group date. Sadly, my DVR cuts out and I miss most of it. (Considering the kind of day I am having, this makes me want to reach for the chocolate even more. Although,  it doesn't look like I missed much. Just chatting with the girls and Andi getting the rose) Clare is not happy.
Andi and Juan Pablo see Romeo in concert and dance. Boy, did he grow up!
At the house, Nikki and Clare are fighting. There is too much drama and I ignore it because it is stupid and I graduated high school too many years ago to care about this BS.
After the cocktail party, we get to the rose ceremony. Andi already has a rose. This is the most importuner rose ceremony ever, everyone! It decides who gets the hometown dates!!!
Nikki Clare and Renee all get roses. Chelsie is sent home. She wishes him luck and cries in the limo. Oh, honey, you will always have that M&Ms commercial. You will find that awesome guy because you deserve it!
Join us next week The Bachelor for the hometown dates. Goodnight!
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