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Hello, and welcome to The Bachelor on ABC. Tonight, Juan Pablo and his ladies head to Vietnam for another set of romantic dates. With only eleven ladies left, everyone is on edge as they try to impress our sexy Bachelor in hopes of getting a rose.

Okay, whichever girl made the reference to Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego is my new best friend. I loved that show as a child!

Renee gets the first date with the clue 'are we the right fit?' She is thrilled and jumping up and down. As she gets ready, she says she feels butterflies and hopes they finally kiss on this date.

Juan Pablo thinks it will be a good date for them and thinks Renee is 'so cute.'  They meet up and he pushes her in some kind of stroller bike contraption. As they explore, he tells us who he likes how they are the same age, single parents and again reminds us of how cute she is.

One of their stops is a special store where she gets fitted for a custom made dress. She is feeling warm, so he gets a fan to cool her off. He literally FANS her so she can be cool. Um, cute? Odd? I have no clue.

They continue to explore and take pictures. However, she is most touched when he suggests they buy presents for Camila and Ben. (Renee's son) She can see them having a family together.


That night, they go to dinner. She is in her special dress and he tells her she looks beautiful. They talk about her previous marriage and life as he plays with her hair. He gives her a rose, they make a wish as they release lanterns and while she wants him to kiss her, he decides to wait out of respect for her son.
Date card: The clue is 'can you go with the flow?' Sharleen, Chelsie, Cassandra, Kat, Clare, Kelly, Alli, Danielle, Alli and Andi are all on this date. Andi is upset because she doesn't have a one on one date. She says that is what she came here for.

Juan Pablo takes the girls on traditional Vietnamese boats and tells them to pair up. Clare doesn't have a partner (or any friends in the house for that matter) so she is in a boat with Juan Pablo. She is of course happy with this turn of events.

Chelsie quips that she had a more romantic date with Alli than she did with Juan Pablo.

When it comes time to eat, they go into the garden and are taught how to make a traditional meal. As they get the veggies needed for the meal, Andi takes Juan Pablo aside to tell him how she wishes she had more time with him. He understands.

After dinner, the girls take turns spending time with Juan Pablo. There is talking, kissing, time in the pool…..and then Clare gets the rose. After that make out session, I am not surprised. None of the girls are particularly happy with this.  

Nikki's date clue is 'let's have a hell of a good time.'  She thinks the date has something to do with fire. 


Clare and Juan Pablo semi-reenact the Ben and Courtney skinny dipping meeting, but as far as I can tell keep their clothes on.

Back to Nikki's date. He thinks she is gorgeous, smart and sexy. They do one of those infamous 'face your fear by going rappelling down a cave.  She is scared and says she will live, die or poop her pants. Why do they do dates like this? I seriously doubt any of my dates would involve me jumping off buildings without a serious discussion beforehand. I know there needs to be drama, but still….

Anyway, he kisses her to make her less scared. They make it down and all is right with the world. They kiss again and explore the cave. I am upset because I have no wine in the house and I fail to see how rappelling of a building has anything to do with proving my love to someone. I make myself some tea instead and search the house for some chocolate.

They talk about their lives and she reveals she isn't a morning person. She also says she loves working with kids because there is such an innocence with them and that she loves to help them. It actually makes me like her even more because I think she really does make a difference in their lives.

He is impressed with her and gives her a rose.


Gah, tonight is so boring!

Three girls are going home tonight. They all toast to their time together and then Juan Pablo spends one on one time with the girls.

 Renee tells Juan Pablo her son is aware of what goes on the show and they finally kiss. She cheers and squeals once she is alone. She says it was worth the wait.

Juan Pablo tells Clare he worries about how his daughter is going to react to what happened earlier. He apparently wants to set a good example for her and thinks that acting as they did when they were in the ocean was inappropriate. (But dating 27 women at the same time is A-OK?) She apologizes and cries, saying she feels stupid for how she acted. He tells her to stop crying and calms her down. She is confused and feels that what happened in the ocean was mutual.


Juan Pablo makes sure she is okay and tells her not to worry about anything. She says that she would have respected him had he said no.

The girls wonder what is wrong with Clare and feel like things got super awkward.

Yeah….that is basically all I got from the cocktail party.


The girls are not happy that Juan Pablo spent so much time with Clare because she already has a rose.

Rose ceremony time! Clare, Renee and Nikki already have roses. He says this is so tough and it will be hard to say goodbye.

Sharleen, Cassandra, Chelsie, Kat and Andi all get roses.

Kelly, Danielle and Alli are all sent home.

Danielle says there was no strong connection and wishes she had a chance to explore their relationship. Considering she said a total of five words since she has been on, it is a wonder she made it this far!

Alli says this sucks because she put her life on hold.

Juan Pablo is still wondering about the whole Clare debacle.

Join us next week for more of The Bachelor on ABC. Goodnight.


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  • Guest - Irina

    My DVR did not record tonight for some reason ... Thank you! For the summary, well done! Seem to be up-to-date now thanks to you :)

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  • Guest - Ponytail

    Is this season as terrible for anyone else as it is for me? Does anyone else think Juan Pablo is awful? I hated his holier than thou attitude with Clare last night, and I hated it when he kept making her look at him and stop crying. He treats the women like they are children half the time....

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