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Hello and welcome to THE BACHELOR LOVE STORIES on ABC. Tonight, we will get  a look at couples from the show and how their relationships have grown since leaving the spotlight.  We will also see Trista and Ryan Sutter renew their vows for their ten year anniversary.

We open with Chris Harrison promising us that tomorrow night will be Juan Pablo's most exciting episode yet.

UPDATE ONE: Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried compare themselves to high school sweethearts and can't wait to spend their lives together. She is designing dresses and says she never thought she would find love on TV.

This, of course, leads to a flashback to their engagement. She is now living in Seattle and loving every moment.

UPDATE TWO: Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney Mesnick  recall their meeting and eventual wedding. Jason says they are more in love than ever, especially now that they have a baby together. Molly says she came into the relationship as an instant mom and is happy to be a part of Ty's life.

They also spend a lot of time with Desiree and Chris since they live close to one another.

Jason is happy to have found love, friends and of course to have another baby, thanks to the show.

UPDATE THREE: DeAnna Pappas recalls her experience on the show and says she is glad things turned out the way they did---even if she didn't end up with her final one.

She talks about how she met her husband Stephen through Michael Stagliano. She announces that they are very happy and expecting a baby girl. Stephen jokes that Chris Harrison will be their midwife. Seeing them interact is actually very cute, especially hearing Stephen talk about how excited he is to have daddy/daughter dates.

UPDATE FOUR: Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum are still enjoying the newlywed life, but feel like they have been together forever. She says they have been living a normal life, working and planning on moving to New York City. They also want to start trying for a baby.

She admits he is not what she ever thought she would end up, but is thrilled he is the one! They are thankful for their time on the show because it allowed them to meet and get married. They hope to one day have what Trista and Ryan have.

THE BACHELOR LOVE STORIES: RECAP FOR JANUARY 19, 2014UPDATE FIVE: Trista Rehn Sutter and Ryan Sutter have been together for ten years and are happier than ever. We see clips from their wedding and it brings back memories of all us girls watching together in college.

She says they live a normal life as parents and it is the little things that count. He is a firefighter by day, but a dad 24/7.

Trista recently wrote a book called Happily Ever After that talks about her own love story and other stories she has heard throughout the years. They hope to always have the loving, happy family they have now.

The two of them look back on their lives and talk about the ups and downs while looking at photo albums. He recalls the poems he wrote her and declares his love. He takes out a tin because it is the traditional ten year anniversary gift. Inside is a box with a diamond ring. She is thrilled!

They renew their vows with family, friends and of course their children. They want their kids to know how much they love each other and share the moment with them.

The renewal takes place at SaddleRidge Restaurant. Unlike their first wedding, this is very small and intimate. He reads the same words he read to her when they first married because they have a stronger meaning today. I, of course, am tearing up. I love how they keep flashing back to their first wedding day and then to them walking up the aisle with those adorable kids.

As an aside, Ryan looks like some actor and I cannot place who he reminds me of! Thoughts?

UPDATE SIX: We get flashbacks on Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici's dates, moments together on the show and of course their proposal.

They also talk about their upcoming nuptials and are actually really cute. Their love is so sweet, so pure and so genuine.

We also get a look at the wedding venue and where they will be spending their wedding night….aka the consummation station. They say they have been patient and can't wait until their wedding night.

There is also a sneak peek of the wedding….and them shopping for lingerie.

Join us tomorrow night for more of The Bachelor on ABC. Goodnight!

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