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Hello and welcome to The Bachelor on ABC. Tonight, the girls will  move into the mansion and start dating Juan Pablo. There will be two one on one dates and one group date. As always, if a girl is not given a rose on a one on one, she will be sent home. One girl will get a rose on the group date.

We open with the girls hanging out and Molly the dog swimming in the pool. So far, she is my favorite. Juan Pablo comes to the house to pick up Claire for their date. We don't get the dramatic date card reading, just him blindfolding her and taking her away. They chat in the car, where we find out the date card said Let's chill. Does anyone else wonder why they didn't show it? My guess it is because they had the special last night and it was revealed that Claire got the date.



The couple finally arrive to their destination….a winter wonderland. She is excited because it is winter in LA! They sleigh ride, ice skate, play in the snow and just have a lot of fun. She says this is unreal and the perfect fairy tale.

They warm up in the hot tub and talk. She tells him about her dad and how his death impacted her life.  He is very touched by what she has to say and gives her a rose. They kiss and she thinks she could be falling for him.

They run into the snow and find that Josh Krajcik, the dude from The X Factor, is putting on a private concert. In the middle of nowhere….because that ALWAYS happens in real life. I don't remember any of my dates ending in me running through the snow in a bikini and jacket and randomly finding some singer putting on a concert just for us. But then again, I am not on The Bachelor. They dance together and it starts to snow.

Meanwhile, back at the house, the girls are wondering how the date is going. They think it will go well because she is cute and personable.

Oh, and Miss Free Spirit Lucy is in the pool topless. Riddle me this, how in the name of sweet justice 'Free Spirit' (or Dog Lover for that matter) are occupations? Are they unemployed and just didn't want to admit it? How does that work on resumes or paying taxes? Can I put Star Wars Fanatic as my occupation if I were to apply to this show? Yes, these are the questions going through my mind as I watch this.

Molly the dog brings in the next date card. Kat gets the next one on one date with the clue 'feel the electricity.' All I can think of is that episode of Psych where Shawn wants Gus to touch the electric fence as they try to outrun a security guard at a nursing home. I doubt that is the date, but other than making static electricity with balloons and hair, I have no idea what they could be doing.

The next day, Juan Pablo picks Kat up and takes her to the airport. They board a plane and he refuses to tell her where they are going. Maybe I read too many High Heels mysteries, but this would really creep me out. She is going on about jetsetting with her Latin lover.

Juan Pablo is modeling a running outfit for her and gives her one of her own. There seem to be glo-sticks attached to them and they are carrying bigger glo-sticks,….or maybe they are light sabers.

Kat realizes they are in Salt Lake City for the Electric Run. It actually looks really cool. I am prepping for my first half marathon so this one is going on my list of runs I want to do.

She talks about the electricity  between them and how she is falling for him. As everyone cheers for them, Juan Pablo presents her with a rose. She says yes and they celebrate with a kiss.

The next date card arrives to the house. Chelsie, Christy, Kelly, Cassandra, Andi, Renee, Lauren, Alli, Chantel, Nikki, Elise, Victoria and Lucy are on this date. Their clue is Say Cheese. Amy is upset she doesn't have a date just yet and is nervous about the rose ceremony.

The girls leave for the date and gush over how hot he is. They will be at a photoshoot with dogs for Best Friend's Animal Society. It is actually kind of cute. I love doggies (although it is not my occupation!) and anything to help them out is A-OK in my book. The girls are in wigs, bikinis and costumes for the photoshoot. Basically, take that Brad Womack Take 2 group date (where they all dressed up in costumes) and Jake's photoshoot date and you have this date.

Andi  and Elise are uncomfortable with the photoshoot and being naked. Okay, I am usually the one rolling my eyes at complaining like this, but I am totally on her side on this one. It is a dating show, but it doesn't mean they have to be naked….even if it were just for a regular shoot, if nudity makes someone uncomfortable, then they should not be forced to do it.

Luckily, Elise and Lucy switch, because Lucy loves being naked. All I can think of is that episode of Rugrats when Tommy was obsessed with nudity. Nakee is free, nakee is good, nakee is….NAKEE!!!! Then I remember I am thirty and should not be quoting cartoons. (Although, I'm not going to lie….cartoons in the nineties were the BEST!)


naked Juan Pablo

I kind of tune out for the picture taking, but do like the fact that Juan Pablo is willing to make Andi feel comfortable.

The only other thing you need to know is that Juan Pablo is shirtless and Andi got over her fear of nakedness.

After party time! Cassandra tells him about her son Trey, Renee wants to kiss him but loses her nerve and the pressure and tension is in the air.


Victoria is getting drunk, and the girls tell her to calm down. She says she is fine and that she is not a dog, just a bitch. She keeps saying Juan Pablo is her boyfriend and she saved his life with the hymen maneuver….does she?….. Oh boy, I am so embarrassed for her.

Juan Pablo notices Victoria is loopy. She runs to the bathroom and cries. Renee checks in on her to see what is wrong. She hugs Victoria as she cries and carries on. Renee doesn't know what to do. Victoria wants to go home and starts arguing with some random dude. He tries to calm her down, but she runs to the bathroom again.

Lucy tells Juan Pablo about Victoria, so he goes to look for her. He tries to talk to her, but she isn't having any of it. He says he will wait for her outside. He tries to be understanding and says he really feels bad for her.

He goes back to the other girls and gives Kelly the rose. He asks the girls to take care of Victoria  and says goodnight. The girls are impressed with how he handled the situation.

The next day, Juan Pablo visits Victoria at the hotel. They talk and she apologizes for her behavior. He says he understands what she is going through, but sends her home because he isn't sure she is right for his family. We don't see much of the goodbye, nor do we see the 'I hope Juan Pablo dies!' debacle. I was in and out of the room during her meltdown, but I am sure I  would have remembered that!

At the cocktail party, Amy  does an interview with him, Sharleen apologizes for her reaction for the first impression rose, and Cassandra worries about their connection and misses her son.

Before long, it is time for the rose ceremony. Claire, Kat and Kelly all have roses. Cassandra, Nikki, Andi, Elise, Sharleen, Renee, Danielle (who?), Lucy, Alli, Chelsie, Lauren (again, who?) and Christy all get roses.

Chantel and Amy are sent home. Both girls are sad and wonder where and when they will find love.

Join us Sunday for the Bachelor Love Stories, which includes the Trista and Ryan vow renewal. Stay tuned and goodnight!


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