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Thursday March 30, 2017

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Hello and welcome to The Bachelor on ABC. Tonight, we only have one hour because of the When We Rise premiere, but there is a lot packed in, so let’s see what happens. 

Andi Dorfman is back to talk to Nick….and, um, why? She bashed him in her book and he basically slut shamed her at her ATFR. I would expect Jorge before I would expect her to come and talk to him. They sit down to talk and have some whiskey.  She gives him Fantasy Suite advice and basically tells him to do what he has to do. Oh, and he apologizes for the slut shaming and she apologizes for hurting him.

The remaining four girls are full of anxiety as they prepare for the rose ceremony. Nick isn’t sure what to do or how he feels. 

Rose Ceremony:




Corrine is sent home and in tears and keeps apologizing for messing up. He is actually quite sweet to her and says she did nothing wrong. He doesn’t want her to have any regrets about their relationship or anything she did on the show. 

She says she is done trying to impress men and will let it work out on its own. That’s actually the smartest thing anyone has said on the show in a long time and something ladies need to hear. Trying too hard to impress someone never works and always ends in disaster. Hopefully she will remember this and end up in a decent relationship. 

Fantasy Suite time. Location: Finland. 

Raven has the first date, which is a helicopter tour of Finland. They also enjoy dinner by a fire. All I got from this is she can’t cook but can fold laundry. Congratulations, I think my seven year old nephews can fold laundry. 

She is nervous because they are having sex tonight and she has never had an orgasm. All righty then! Also, you do realize you’re not obligated to have sex with Nick, right? 

They talk about love, their feelings for one another and—my attention is waning. She also seems more interested in her wine than talking. 

They get the fantasy suite card, which she accepts. They head to their night of passion, but not before the lack of orgasm/only been with one man revelation. 

We end with them kissing in bed. Stay tuned for more next week!

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