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Saturday April 29, 2017

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Hello and welcome to The Bachelor on ABC. Last week, we ended on the most dramatic cliffhanger ever, with Nick saying he isn’t sure he could still do this. The girls are left in shock, wondering if the season is ending here and now. Confuses? You won’t be at the end of this episode of The Bachelor. 

We open with the girls talking about the aftermath of Nick’s meltdown and the departures of Danielle and Whitney—and still nobody could pick Whitney out of a lineup. 

Nick and Chris Harrison have a heart to heart talk while the girls ponder about what is happening. 

Nick comes back and the girls hug him. One of the girls wonder why he is there—uh, because he IS THE FREAKING BACHELOR!  No honey, he just freaking came here for his health. Seriously! I know they are wondering what he is going to do and say, but REALLY? Why else would he be there? He is the Bachelor and wanted to talk to them. Sheesh! 

He says he has had amazing moments with them and that he sent Danielle home because he didn’t have as strong a connection with her as he does with them. He is scared and wants to make it work out with one of them. The girls are relieved and even happier because he cancels the rose ceremony. They head straight to Bimini. I have no clue where that is, but it looks gorgeous. 

Vanessa gets a one on one, making Corrine jealous—and bloated? That is a new one. She complains about Vanessa and thinks she has no depth. She is annoying and I don’t care. 

Vanessa and Nick talk on a boat and she promises she isn’t going anywhere. She wants to keep getting to know him and loves that he is open and honest with her and vice versa. She tells him she is in love with him, but of course he can’t say  it back. She is hurt and thinks she will end up where Nick has been before. 

Corrine, Kristina and Raven are on the group date. Corrine is upset that she doesn’t have the one on one, so she plans on getting the most attention. Kristina has some sort of problem, so Nick takes care of her….so Corrine is jealous of the attention.

One on one time, Corrine whines, Raven gets the rose and special one on one time with Nick. Corrine whines. 

OMG, SHUT UP CORRINE!!! You still have a chance to get a rose. Just stop already! 

Danielle has her one on one with Nick. They go bike riding, shopping and explore the town. She is falling for him 150 bajillon percent. However, the date is....well, let's put it this way. I had less awkward visits to the GYN. Needless to say, she is sent home heartbroken and in tears. At least the girls all hug her goodbye. However, Corrine thinks it gives her a better chance to win a hometown and she will stop at nothing to get what she wants. 

This leads to the moment we have all been waiting for....she goes to Nick's room to try and seduce him--because her heart is gold, but her vagine is platinum. This is as awkward as Jaime and Ben's make out by numbers lesson. He stops things before they get too far, which is actually pretty classy on his part. She is upset and worries about their future.

Rachel and Nick's one on one is them talking over drinks....and that's it? What?

The girls all chat and wonder what is going to happen. Nick and Chris talk about what he should do and who he should keep. 

Nick comes to see Kristina and everyone wonders what is going on. He decides to send her home, crying and heartbroken. The girls comfort her before she says goodbye for good. 

I think the girls' friendships are making this season. 

More next week!! Stay tuned.

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